Former website of carpool service.

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Sick and tired of slow and crowded public transport?.

Here's a safer quicker and more comfortable option.

Travelling in your own car or taking a taxi?

Give a lift and get paid for it.

Welcome to the new ride share service.

In a dynamic rideshare drivers with empty seats in their cars pickup passengers. A fee is charged from each passenger for the travel and transferred to the driver of the vehicle
Sign in and tell us where you will be starting from. The system will then compare your route with those of other registered participants and come up with a set of matches. You will then be able to select a carpool partner from one of the choices presented
If a matching ride isn't immediately available, we will keep looking. Each time another ride is added to the system, it will be compared with your route for suitability. Once we find a match we will send you a notification.